tisdag 10 februari 2009

Jag fick ett mail...

About starting friendship
Mellan dig och Mekbib Beyene
den 8 februari kl. 13:52

As I was trying to look for friendship and by chance I found to see your profile and it looked to me the best for me. First of all I am an Ethiopian of which is from Africa. I am eight years in the United States as a permanet resident, 32 years old and male college graduate and I am single living in an Apartment at the city of Arlington, Virginia. If you want to make more in the introduction please leave an e-mail at mekbibb@hotmail.com so we can talk more.

Sådant här har jag väldigt svårt att förstå. Varför skulle en 32-årig man i Virginia vilja bli vän med mig? Hur tänker man? Jag vill egentligen inte vara trångsynt och up-tight som en typisk svensk, men vad fan?

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